José Barreiro: "The indie scene is where the money lays" - El Portal de la Música en Vivo

José Barreiro, director of the Porto Nos Primavera Sound, interview in La Vanguardia

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  • The director of the Porto Nos Primavera Sound, José Barreiro, talked to La Vanguardia about the two years of the festival in Portugal, the differences with Barcelona and the indie music industry. These are the high-lights of the conversation:

    The Portuguese Primavera Sound experience

    “The Nos is a festival adapted to the Portuguese reality, and the premises we use, the Cidade park, are beautiful but they cannot hold more than 20 to 25.000 people. It’s more a kind of ‘gourmet festival’, to be enjoyed in a different way”.

    The business of the indie scene

    “Rock in Rio has started to book the kind of bands that belong to our orbit. Suddenly, indie music has entered the mainstream. Its average fan is a young man or woman who went to college and has got a higher purchasing power. Bothe the festivals and the industry are conforming to the indie scene because that’s where the money lays”

    Live music

    “Nowadays, record sales are much lower than they used to be, so the industry is totally focused on live music, and every artist career is based on it”

    Read the interview at La Vanguardia

    Sobre El Autor

    La Asociación de Promotores Musicales (APM) es la principal representante de la industria de la música en vivo en España. Sus socios representan al 80% de los promotores privados del país, y son los responsables de las principales giras nacionales e internacionales y festivales que se celebran.

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